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I have to say this page really hit home with me.I to am someone who had my innocence taken at a very young age. I know why I was brought to this earth, and that is to love and care for my babies and make sure what happened to me will never happen to them. I will never understand what goes threw those sick peoples heads cause unlike them I am a care giver and not a dream breaker. I to had demons inside and had no idea how to get them out other then taking it out on the wrong people. I lost alot of great friends because this and also some great loves. Its not to late for me though cause I still have the most important thing in this world to live fo and that is my babies. Its also never to late for you. The first step is to say it out loud even if you are all alone. Then find a good friend you can trust or even a family member to talk to . You will feel much better when you get it out. Help me help everyone get these sick people off the streets and put them were they belong, behind bars. No one deserves to hurt. We can all make a difference. Love Trisha
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