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Monday, January 25, 2010 13:53 Send E-mail Permalink

these killings are unjust, and sad the fact that the rcmp hasnt come up with any leads only makes me less confident that they ever will. These poor women didnt deserve their fate, and the men or women whove done this, i hope they read this sight daily and live with the pain they have caused the familys, know youve taken the lifes of so many beautiful women, harmless women only seeking trust in somone helping them to get to their destination. Ppl like you are the rason the world is what it is today, why not come forth admitt to what youve done and let lifes course take effect, or suffer daily for the pain you have caused because of your sick, pothetic, phycotic, abusive nature, i only wish you would try that on a man, somone like me. Only then would these women truley get their sadisfation of knowing the pain i put you thru, slowly and lengthly, the things i would do if only i knew who you murderes were. This is a post for you to msg me, allow me to put away your missery and pain, to finally erase, the pain what you have caused so many fmailys. U beg of you let me end your life and your suffering, because i know what u have done must feel terrible inside, and i know you read this websight and cry for the pain you have caused these beautiful girls. In gods hands they rest now, peace and love forever. Godbless their familys i only pray they can one day find peace. I pray one day these killers could get what is coming to them. When you are ready i am waiting.

ForeverTears Tuesday, January 26, 2010 01:51
Hi Phil,

Wow, I am at a wonder, of what you have said here. It\'s really comforting to know that there are people who realy do care. Phil, abusers never show themselves. They are cowards and only \"hunt\" the small and weak who are unable to help themselves. Its\' a crying shame, yet so very true. Thanks for your words of strength and power. I really felt them as I read your post.
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